New layout is now in place! I’m quite happy with it actually. I am really in love with the advert logo up there.


On a random note, as you can tell, I’m working out some kinks, etc, etc. ^^ Hopefully this new site layout works for everyone. Expect to see some new art, some reviews, and other funky things soon. (Almost done a huge project at work, so I’ll have some free time! …maybe. ^^; )

Uh. nothing too exciting here at the moment… Oh yeah.

NERDS!!! Oh my GOSH. When I was a kid I used to chow down on these tiny little candies called ‘Nerds’, by ‘Wonka Candies‘. My favorite flavor was actually the rainbow flavored packs you’d usually get around Halloween, but since I grew up, they VANISHED. Or nearly… apparently it’s a common sight in the US to see the big blue boxes of Rainbow colored Nerds, but here in Calgary, it’s not very common at all! Heck, I was shocked when I saw them magically appear in the Seasonal section of the local Shopper’s Drug Mart. Then when they ran out I got sad…

But! My brother came to the rescue! He found out that 7-Eleven’s are selling them, too! So my rainbowy nerds addiction continues! these things kick so much arse. Especially when you open a brand new pack only to find some mutated freakishly huge nerd sitting on top. XD



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